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My World

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This is the page about and for my best friend julie. We have been friends since the 7th grade so this is the 2nd year we have been best friends. Soon to be 3 years. She is the only person that i care the most about, she understands me, puts up with me, and treats me with respect. I couldnt imagine my life without her because shes just the one person i could ever love so much! Even if i never get a boyfriend i can just tell  people i have a girlfriend and say her name is Julie and Julie wont get mad and say OMG how could you say that about me! With all my heart i will love julie always and forever. Even when we fight and say I have you or FUCK off we will always be friends. If she wasnt in my life i dont think i would have turned out as wonderful as i am. Shes came in my life and changed me completely but in a good way. Julie always remember i love you so much and no matter what i say i love you.





This is julie enjoying her lollypop...look at her boobies!!!


This is julie at the auto show...shes in a yellow mustang...thats all i kno about this pic.


This is julie on the halloween of 2003...she was dressed as jay from jay and silent bob. Fascinating huh!


This is Julie and Ben looking extremely....happy in the back of his friends car. Happy huh?


This is julie and ben (again) standing in front of a yellow mustang mach 1. I like this pic. But for more rad pics of her boyfriend Ben...check out the ben page!!!


This is one of the pics that julie took of herself when she got her new outfit from hot topic.


Heres another one of her in her new outfit from hot topic. pretty huh?