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My World


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This is the page for my other best friend Ben. Hes the only guy whom i can be myself around, any other guy i get sweaty and nervous around because i just cant be myself. He is a guy friend that makes me feel good and says im awesome and stuff like that. I also love ben very much because hes the awesomest boyfriend and the awesomest friend. I think he understands me so thats another reason but the main reason is because he accepts me for me. So ben..always remember i love you and whenever you need to talk to me about Julie or any other problem i am here for you.


This is ben just standing there...i find no other better way to describe whats happening in this pic. didnt i do just grand at describing it!?!



This is Ben posing for his digital camera...its happy huh? Hes topless...i think hes naked but he said he wasnt...the world may never kno!!!


This is Ben being a VERY VERY HAPPY person! (Dont be mad at me Ben!!)


This is ben just leaning against the rear end of his car, rad car too look at its back side...dannng! lol


This ben once again standing...(dont you ever sit down?) in front of what i believe is his truck...i dunno but yeah there i described it.


THis is a pic of ben that julie took...they were driving out by the cotton fields.


This is the first pic i got of be honest i thought he was a queer looking guy lol, but when i saw other pics of him he seemed to get prettier and prettier but yeah hes a totally awesome person!


This is Ben leaning against his rad ass '96 mustang gt...thats all i kno by heart about the car lol...but yeah, thats him again...isnt he prettiful...i mean the car :P


This is ben sitting in an orange mustang (thats the only thing i kno about the car) at the autoshow him and julie went to the other day...prettiful huh?