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About Me

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Well hello there. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to read this. But lets get straight to the point...
I am the type of chick who dont put up with everyones bull shit. I do what i want and when i want. When im 17 i am going on a road trip. Im going to arkansas!!! Im going to go see my friend Brad. Yeah its great. I only have 1 best friend. Everyone else who says their "my friend" i think is full of shit. Because they are all the opposite of me. Their either black or white chocolate so i think their just full of shit. But yeah...i love tiffany...shes all i care about at that shitty fuckin school i go to. I also love brad..only because hes just so fuckin awesome.
When i grow up i either want to be a mortician..however you spell that or a psychiatrist...if i mispelled it SUCK MY BALLS!!! i dont care how its spelled. But yeah...those are what i want to be. Im still old biology teacher is helping me out with my decision and im aiming more towards the psychiatrist...but i really want to be a mortician because you get to play with the bodies! =D lol...yes i am that type of person SO HA!... well enuf about my life. You should go get a life and stop reading this.


Me & My awesome Tiffany. =D