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Everything Steve-o!!!!

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This is my steve-o page. Its mainly pics ENJOY! If you dont like steve-o...then...just go fuck yourself.

You may kno Steve-o from Wildboyz or Jackass...He totally kicks ass!!! I think hes sexy, funny, stupid *but in a good way lol* and super rad! Even tho i started using Rad way before he started saying it about everything on Season 3 of Wildboyz...blah, but its still all good...atleast then when people hear me say Rad and hear him say Rad...they will kno i love him soo much! lol...If you dont kno who Steve-o is i suggest you get your ass on google or yahoo search and do your research!!! When i meet him *and i will!!!* Im gonna have him tattoo his name into my arm..hell even a little queer design while hes at it...and i will get tons of pics taken of him doing it..and tons of pics of just me and him together...and when i will be TOTALLY RAD!!! lol...Enjoy the site you fuckers!


From here on out will just be pics...ENJOY!










This is my absolute favorite fucking pic of steve-o, only because marilyn manson is in the pic too! =D






















These are pics of his tattoos...i will also give the reason -in his words- why he got that tattoo.


"Your Name": I've lost count of how many people have shown me their asses with the same dumb tattoo and claimed that I was their inspiration for getting it. I love that. I've got a bunch of new scars, my ass goes through hell in the Don't Try This At Home videos.


"Marijuana Leaf": To avoid extinction, humans need to have sex, eat, and get rest. Marijuana makes me horny, hungry, and tired-- and I'm proud to smoke it. I was in Paris when a french radio DJ dared me to get the letter 'C' (his initial) tattooed on me. They had made the studio into a tattoo parlor for me, it was nuts. I told him that I could care less about the letter 'C', but I'd go for it if I could also get the marijuana leaf I needed so badly. Having this tattoo on my wrist has made it possible for me to score grass in loads of foreign countries without speaking a word of English. Haha, I had no idea what a good idea it was!


"Vines, Flower, and Butthole": Look, I was only sixteen when I got this, so leave me alone. At least I can stroll into any "dumbest tattoo contest" and know that I'll walk away a winner.


"Traditional Maori": This tattoo looks like it has no business being anywhere on my body. That's because I refused to design it, or look at it, until this traditional Maori tattoo artist got done chiselling it into my shoulder with an albatross bone. If anybody doesn't like it, they can screw themselves, because I do, plus, I didn't pick it.


"Shit Fuck": I will never forget the day I got these words tattooed on my knuckles. Even though I'm not at all proud of that day, I know that I love having these words on my knuckles and the only time I will ever consider having them removed is when I want to have kids. Ha ha... I'm really putting them to work over at the Wildboyz office, they have so much to blur now. Yeah Dude.


"The Satan Fish": What can I say, I have personal issues with organized religion. This tattoo was the result of Jeff Tremaine's first time holding a tattoo gun. We were filming the second season and we pulled off into a trailer park to ask people if we could watch the show in their trailer. This lady that let us in offered us tattoos, so I took her up on it. She was doing such a bad job that I asked Tremaine to figure out the tattoo gun so he could make a save and he did a great job.


"Yeah Dude!": I still haven't called Guiness yet but I'm confident that, when I do, I will have an official world record for the "largest self-portrait tattoo". The scale of this portrait is larger than life, the face on my back is bigger than my actual face. I'm psyched on it.


"Flying Penis": This is, by far, the dumbest tattoo ever. Nick Dunlap tried, aggressively, to stop me from getting it. All sorts of people tried to stop me, but I didn't listen. I am going to have a dribbling penis, that no t-shirt will ever cover, on my arm for the rest of my life and I couldn't be happier. Now they have to permanently blur my arm on tv!


"I Love To Bone": It's pretty self explanatory, just an all around dumb idea, so dumb that right after I got it I was quoted as saying "I might be able to turn the bone into a skateboard", before I even left the tattoo parlor.


"Off-Road Tattoo": Jeff Tremaine got licensed by the State of California as a "body artist", because that was the only way that jackass the movie could include him tattooing me in the backseat of a hummer while off-roading through a moto-track in the desert. We drew a perfect "smiley face" on my arm and, considering how rough the ride was, I think he did a fantastic job.


"The Bat": The classic dumb thing to do, I picked this tattoo off the wall. It was right around the time I dropped out of college to try making it as a stuntman. Boy was I dumb, this tattoo is not only off center, it's actually lopsided as well.


"I Have A Small Weiner": The greatest thing about this tattoo is that it took days after I got it for me to realize that it's not spelled right. It turned out to be even dumber than I thought.


"Sonny's Tattoo": It's the official logo of a bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico called "Sonny's Bar and Grill" (which was across the street from a skatepark). A lot of people always think it looks like Jerry Garcia, Santa Claus, or Colonel Sanders, but it's really Sonny Robbins, the founder of Sonny's. The bar wound up being sold to different owners, at which point I had a sword jammed through his head.


"Upside-Down Pentagram": This is not necessarily the smartest tattoo to get on your wrist. It's a tribute to Motley Crue and, with the three dots, it represents my quest to "do good as a symbol of evil". It also means I love my girl.


"XYZ": Although this is one of my cooler looking tattoos, it's still retarded because it's a blatant advertisement for a clothing company. Considering how many of their logos I plastered across the television screen, I think it's kinda funny that they couldn't manage to stay in business. What a bunch of potheads.

-The upcoming pics on this page are pics of steve-o's injuries. Im still on the lookout for more pics. But just letting you kno whats up ahead for you. So be a good little slave and keep scrolling down!-